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Hello, and thank you for visiting my essential oils page! Please read on for all of the essential oils I’m using this week, and why! I love sharing things I believe in and essential oils are at the top of my list!

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Current Favs and iTOVi Recommendations!

In this section of my site I will be updating you guys on the oils I am currently using. Some of my choices will be made based on what my iTOVi scanner tells me I need, and what I intuitively feel is best for me based off of the knowledge I have of essential oils.

Each week I will post my top 3 iTOVi scan oils, and my top oil(s) I am using that week besides iTOVi recommendations. Although I do sell oils, that is not what this is all about. I love sharing things I know with other people that can help them in any way! Oils have been life changing for me, and I’m excited to share how! Please send me questions and comments, I’d love to hear from you.

Since I got my iTOVi scanner I’ve been having a blast scanning myself to see what oils I need! It’s such a great tool for wellness and to figure out what oils to buy! It can be VERY overwhelming looking through all of the oils and not knowing where to start. The iTOVi has been wonderful for that. I do a scan and then add those oils to my monthly order.

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These are the oils I’m currently using based on my scanner recommendations!

Updated – 3/27/2017

3 iTOVi Scan Essential Oils

Purify doTERRA.jpg

Purify – The first on my list of iTOVi oils if Purify. My scan indicates that using Purify will resolve 60/136 biopoints! I started using it yesterday and I’m really loving it. It’s a mix of pine and citrus and has many uses. I’ve been mostly diffusing, but you can add some to a spray bottle with water as a cleaner, place some on a cotton ball and stick in the vent of your car or house to freshen up too. It works as a safe and natural way to eradicate odors. This oil is perfect for me this week. I have been feeling overwhelmed in my home, like I need to clean and freshen up the place! Spring cleaning is just around the corner! Get some here!

Balance doTERRA.jpgMy next suggested oil from my iTOVi scanner is doTERRA’s Grounding blend, also known as Balance. This oil brings forth a sense of calm and wellbeing. It is a blend of several single oils to make a lovely smelling oil. I love to put this on my wrists, cup in my hands to inhale, and put on my mala’s diffuser stones. It keeps me calm and grounded, and I have needed it lately! I have 3 businesses to run while being a full time mom! Lately especially things have been hectic and I’m grateful I’ve had this oil available to help me through it. Get some here!

Grapefruit doTERRA.jpgThe last recommendation from my iTOVi scanner is grapefruit! I love it for so many things! It’s so great to add a drop of grapefruit to a glass of water, diffuse, or just inhale. It’s an oil that always lifts my spirits. Grapefruit provides internal cleansing benefits and when diffused can uplift the mood and please the senses. It is known for it’s ability to balance, energize, and uplift your spirit, which sounds like something anyone could use! I’m excited to use this more for emotional wellness and not just in my water. I think in combination with Purify and Balance it will be a great addition to my natural healing regime. Grab yours here!

Breathe doTERRA.jpgPersonal Favorite of the Week

Breathe is a lifesaver! My daughter has been sick this whole week and my husband is always congests with year around allergies. I like to rub Breathe with a carrier oil on my daughters chest before bed, and diffuse it in our humidifier next to my husband at night. It is also great to keep the air nice and fresh. You can even just smell the aroma straight from the bottle to help clear nasal passages.

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