iTOVi and Essential Oils

itovi-2I wanted to share my new favorite gadget with you guys! This has been an amazing tool for my personal health, for the heath and wellness of my family, and also for my growing essential oil business. Whether you use oils or sell oils, this is a great product to have in your home!

I originally wanted an iTOVi because of what it does overall; scans for the things your body needs, but I think it’s a great tool for purchasing oils too. It’s hard to know what oils to buy and where to put your money when you don’t really know what you need. This takes all of the guess work out of it and makes it really easy when deciding what to purchase.

The iTOVi is your personal product expert! It is basically a pocket-sized tool that helps you understand what products your body needs. It uses bioimpedance, temperature, pressure sensors, and bluetooth to create a personalized wellness plan just for you!

itovi-1How It Works

Everything has energy that vibrates at certain frequencies, humans and non-living things alike. iTOVi records and measures unique frequencies and then relates them to biopoints that correspond with the company you select upon purchase. I use doTERRA, but there are several companies to choose from, including vitamins, minerals, and essential oil companies. The iTOVi sends frequencies to the body and is then given a measurable response. Each essential oil or supplement has it’s own frequency.

itovi-3As I mentioned before, every living and non-living thing alike has it’s own unique vibrational frequency. Lucky for us we can measure these frequencies! The iTOVi takes these measurements and records each frequency as it relates to the the biopoints of the oil, vitamin, or mineral company you choose. Our bodies will naturally react to foreign frequencies and the scanner will record them. These foreign frequencies are unresolved biopoints. Biopoints are organs, vertebrae, and other biological systems. When a biopoint is unresolved, the device will recommend a product that can help resolve it. In my case,  doTERRA essential oils.

The iTOVi is highly accurate. It uses an algorithm to gather and organize the data. It is then translated into a simple and beautiful diagram that we can easily see and understand.  The iTOVi can be set up to report 3, 5, 7, or 10 recommendations. I prefer the 3 or 5 method so I can focus on the most important unresolved biopoints, but I think more can be useful sometimes too. The first and largest number indicates the total number of biopoints out of 270+ that the recommended product will remedy. I like to focus on this oil the most, and then work on the others after.

When your results show up on the app you can then click on each product to learn more about it and how to use it. It’s super simple to use, and really removes all the guess work!

If you have any questions for me about the iTOVi scanner, please ask! I absolutely love mine and have found it so useful! I’d love to pass on any information I can!

You can check out the iTOVi site for yourself and purchase here!

If you are local (Utah – Utah County or Salt Lake County) and would like an assessment before stocking up on your doTERRA oils, please contact me and we can set up an appointment!

If you want to purchase doTERRA oils, click here!


Disclaimer: The iTOVi scanner system is not designed to diagnose or treat any disease or condition. The report simply shows recommendations based on your body’s reaction to the frequencies.”